Reflective Essay: Emotional Intelligence And Leadership

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Emotional intelligence can be defined as “the capacity for recognising our own feelings and those of others, for motivating ourselves, and for managing emotions well in ourselves and in our relationship” (Poole and Sewell, 2007). This attribute is strongly linked to managing relationships and can play a significant role in team working. Having empathy for others during my teenager years, and always being the one people chose to talk to made me think I scored high in that attribute. However, after experiencing the leadership & employability group project, it seemed I had mislead myself confusing having empathy with what emotional intelligence really is. Blumenfeld et al. (1991) depict project learning as “a comprehensive
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During my time in high school, I was responsible for leading a fund raising charity event. Aside from this experience I have not been in situations where I have shown or developed valuable leadership qualities (L1,2,3), however after attending the ‘Women in Industry’ event (appendix) I was motivated by these women to look for ways to develop these leadership skills further. If I can develop leadership qualities I can gain a competitive advantage to reach a managerial and higher paying position in my career. Emotional intelligence and leadership are therefore intertwined.


The 21st century world of work is said to be “globalised” more than ever. The notion of ‘global citizenship’ has recently gained importance in international development discourse with the recently-adopted “United Nations Secretary-General’s Global Education First Initiative” (2012). A common thought is growing; individuals around the world are directly or indirectly interconnected and interdependent beyond their nation. Cosmopolitanism is not more an accepted reality, but a rather seen as a necessity” (Appiah, 2008). Indeed, in the last quarter century the characteristics of the graduate talent pool has
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By reflecting upon personal, work and school experiences, this paper has provided evidence of my personal progress since the beginning of my bachelor. Using a critical reflective approach has allowed me to recognize my mistakes and lacks of and reflect on them as well as learning how take advantage of my strengths.
Using the CareerEDGE model and the NTU Graduate Attribute Matrix to structure this report, I have identified several key learning points;
• I have identified relevant opportunities for my upcoming master degree.
• I have now, a deeper and clearer understanding with regards to global openness and global mindset.
• I have acknowledged ways I can continue to progress and improve my skills and attributes in order to reach a full employability potential.
• I have started to build an understanding of some of the sustainability issues having a bearing on the business

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