Why Is Emotional Intelligence Important?

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Every person has a set of skills that they have been taught throughout their lifetime. These skills are so ingrained in our daily lives that many people barely even realise they have them. They can be generalized under a central title called ‘emotional intelligence.’ Emotional intelligence is the learned abilities to identify, understand, and express human emotions in healthy and positive ways. Within this essay, I will expound on emotional intelligence, offer examples and tips, and explain why this is even important. Emotional Intelligence is a simple phrase that sums up fourteen basic personal skills. These skills are self-esteem, interpersonal assertion, interpersonal awareness, empathy, drive strength, decision making, time management, sales orientation, commitment ethic, stress management, physical wellness, interpersonal deference, interpersonal aggression, and personal change orientation. Emotional intelligence is more than just the ability to identify, understand, and express emotions; its the ability to use these skills to navigate your way through any situation confidently and with the correct responses to each problem you face. Of the…show more content…
Drive strength is what keeps you going through seven hour class days, hours long sports practices, four to five hour shifts at the end of a long exhausting day, and even in situations such as cleaning your room or doing your daily chores. Without drive strength you wouldn’t have any motivation to push through those difficulties until the end. Commitment ethic is what keeps you going even when it gets tough and the hours get long and you’re sore and tired and just want to give up. Its commitment ethic that encourages you to not give up and to keep striving for better, stronger, and more complete answers, solutions, and outcomes of whatever it may be that you’re
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