Emotional Intelligence Framework

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Emotional intelligence is the ability of an individual to manage their feelings so that it is expressed appropriately and effectively, enabling people to work together efficiently toward their common goals. Individuals who understand and apply emotional intelligence will definitely enjoy success in their workplace, regardless of the specific career or field (Goleman, 1998). In the context of pharmacy practice, emotional intelligence is important because it further strengthens relationship ties between colleagues, physicians, and also patients or customers. By having better understanding and managing our own emotions, we can communicate better because our feelings are in a more positive way (Lust et al., 2006). Thus, I will be able to understand…show more content…
In self-awareness domain, it involves understanding one’s emotions, and because of this, an individual does not let their feelings overrule them. The major elements of self-awareness are emotional awareness and self confidence. Emotional awareness is the capability to recognize emotions and their effects. Self-confidence is the certainty about every individual’s self-worth and capabilities. (Goleman, 1998). With regards to self awareness, my personal and professional reaction to this situation is; I will maintain a positive attitude to help Lia solve her sleeping problems even though there may be chances of miscommunications due to her English Language proficiency. I am able to recognize my own emotions, for example empathy and sadness which would in turn give me the motivation to help Lia overcome her current problems. By being aware of myself, I have the self confidence in handling this situation because I know my strengths and…show more content…
Empathy is the awareness of our own feelings as well as the needs of others. Empathy is a skill which is learnt or an attitude of life; which can be used to when we come into contact with someone, to communicate and also to understand others’ experiences or feelings. Empathetic people are more approachable and are more sensitive towards social signals which indicate what other people may want or need. In health care, empathy allows health care professionals and patients to work together. It is often described as "the ability to see the world through someone else’s eyes", which simply gives the meaning of developing the ability to imagine what someone else is thinking and feeling in a given situation (Ioannidou et al., 2008). With regards to Lia’s case, my personal and professional reaction to this situation is that I will show empathy to Lia when she speaks to me. This is because I want Lia to feel and think that I understand her current situation, allowing her to have confidence that I can help her solve her problems. Communications with Lia would be more effective which would make it easier to get to the root of the problem and thus, solving the problem would be

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