Emotional Intelligence In Automobile Industry

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Emotional intelligence is defined as the ability to perceive and manage own and others emotion. Emotional Intelligence is the need of the hour as well as the need of the era. The world is changing and evolving hence we need emotional intelligence in our working today to accomplish and secure our future. The future of every industry now depends on how well they do their emotional intelligence. The industry that I chose is automobile industry because it has changed in all sphere of life. Initially, it was hard to even imagine having cars then Benz Patent Motor Car developed the first car in the world in the year 1885. Later on came cars manufactured by Ford, General Motors, Linc, BMW, Mercedes and it carried own. The initial development of cars…show more content…
Honda is focused on supplementing driving experience with emotion that is an AI – concept. The company has developed a new car called as “NeuV” which they showcased at CES last month. This car is a city friendly lightweight electric car which uses Honda’s Automated Network Assistant (HANA). With the help of (HANA), the car comes to understand the driver’s mood and supports him to utilize the best driving mood and support the driver with various driving styles. The car is designed to be a part of the autonomous driving experience, which helps the owner of the car to generate revenues from their car when they are not in use. The other important feature of the car is that to reduce the cost it automatically manages to power the consumption from the grid, by intelligently monitoring electricity rates and charges only when it requires to reduce the cost. The car manufacturers have also developed digital payment system in the car for the payment of goods and services via bank transfers or…show more content…
This a new designed that has used emotional intelligence in the form of speed. We all know that SUV is cars made for off-road experience and not for speed but range rover has changed the mindset of the customer and even of the car makers by producing cars that is an SUV yet it can beat other small sedan cars in speed. This was only possible by changing the shape of the car as we know that sports cars which have great speed have aero line designs which make them test to the limit. Range Rover also used the same concept in building their SUV with the aero line shape so that it can travel fast. This was only possible by changing the shape and material used as they mainly used aluminum and carbon fiber as a part of their car. The second things that they did with their car were that the changed the controls to the future controls by putting TFT displays instead of the knobs that were used earlier that means that even the air conditioner can be used now with a touch or command

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