Emotional Intelligence In Education

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Education is a mean to develope all the qualities of an individual. It helps the individual to rise the quality of intellectual power, emotional balance, social status, spiritual consciousness, culturally empowered and morally high . It enable to develop the capacities and potentials of an individual.so that one’s must be successful in a specific society or culture. From this perspective today’s education focuses much on the cognitive aspect and scarcely ever gives importance to the affective one. It is perhaps the reason that every society endeavors to make necessary arrangements for ensuring best possible education of the next generation (Vashishtha, 2006). so, the education system in the world over aim at providing counteraction to…show more content…
Although several other outcomes are also expected from the system.Academic achievement may be affected by other factors of an individual like socio economic status, emotions, intelligence, different aspects of personality etc. Among these various factor, Emotions is an essential component for any child development. As children develop their emotions is affected,that made effect on his personality and achievements in life. After this way of analyzing the human behaviour, presently emotional intelligence is being considered as the vital factor of the human…show more content…
It guides our thinking, values and passions. . People who have level of emotional intelligence high are found more happy, more successful, and more social with surroundings, experience more job satisfaction, have more harmony in their relationships and are better adjusted than people with low emotional intelligence. .
The term emotional intelligence it self was used in the 1960s incidentally in literal criticism (Van Ghent 1961) and psychiatry (Leuner, 1966), two decades later, it was employed more extensively in a dissertation (Payne, 1986). Philosophical roots of Emotional Intelligence are found in writings of Spinoza (1677). Spinoza considers emotion and intellect both as a constituent of cognitive tool.
It all began about 2,000 years ago when Plato wrote, ―All learning has an emotional base. Since then, scientists, educators, and philosophers have worked to prove or disprove the importance of feelings..
Thorndike (1920)1 defined Emotional Intelligence as the ability to understand men and women,boys and girls to act wisely in humen
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