Emotional Intelligence And Organizational Performance

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Purpose;The purpose of this paper is to understand how emotional intelligence helps employees in team work management to enhance organizational performance.
Methodology; a conceptual model is developed to explain the relationship between variables. By wisely utilizing the emotions in team work management , individuals directs to increase organizational productivity. On the other hand low use of emotional intelligence leads towards conflicts in team and regress employee productivity which results in low organizational effectiveness
Findings; This paper concludes a significant positive relation among emotional intelligence, and team work management which positively affects organizational performance.
Practical implications; This study
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Can the moderating role of emotional intelligence in team work management enhances organizational performance.
Research purpose statement. Although a lot of work has done on the role of emotional intelligence in job satisfaction , job commitment, organizational behavior, organizational effectiveness, job satisfaction , job performance in the last two decades. This concept of EI was originated by salovay and Mayer in 1990 as the aptitude to observe one`s and other people`s emotions, to distinguish between dissimilar emotions and tag them properly and to use the emotional information to escort behavior and thinking and further extended by the work of Goleman in 1995 who extended the work on emotional intelligence in five dimensions self-consciousness , managing emotions, stimulating emotions , empathy and social skills. But as the world moved to 21st century its working demands are changed. One key to be successful in 21st century is combining people together in a team (vivovere, kooskora & valler, 2014). To obtain its real potential, a team needs its member to be emotionally intelligent about their own emotions, their team member’s emotions and emotions of other persons in the organization outside the team. (Virovere, A. ,et.al 2014).This paper purpose to investigate the effects of emotional intelligence employees in team work management to enhance organizational
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The concrete research question for our conceptual study is: Can the moderating role of emotional intelligence in team work management will enhance organizational effectiveness.
Literature review;
The study of positive role of emotions in relation building , stress management , humans well being leads towards emotional intelligence. EI is indeed , a heart of skills assortment of employees.
Three models of emotional intelligence have been proposed , the ability model concentrates on personal abilities to process emotional information and use it to traverse the communal environment.(salovay, et.al , 1999).The trait model focuses on behavioral aspects and self perceived abilities and is valued by own.(Petrides, Pita & Kokkinaki, 2007).
Mixed model defines EI as array of skills and characteristics that derive leadership performance.(Goleman, 1995: 1998). Emotional abilities and traits are good predictor of organizational outcomes(shoostarian, Ameli, Aminilari,

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