Emotional Intelligence: Literature Review: Emotional Intelligence

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CHAPTER 2: LITERATURE REVIEW 2.1 Definition of Concept Emotional Intelligence According to Maheshwari and Tripathi (n.d), emotional Intelligence is related to self-esteem, empathy, adaptability, compassion and self-awareness which are factors for success in life and hence it aids in leadership, communication and both professional and personal relationship. In the field of intelligence study, there are arguments of whether emotional intelligence is considered as intelligence like intelligence quality is approved. Emotional intelligence is constructed of learned capability, the emotional competencies; self-awareness, self-management, social awareness and managing relationship (Maheshwari & Tripathi, n.d.). In the study of emotional intelligence,…show more content…
The study shown that the male and female students does not show significance in emotional intelligence but significantly show relation in the aspect of self-esteem. Regarding this he stated that emotional intelligence alone cannot be the main success factor. However, the self-esteem does show. He also reported that the female students have greater level than the male students due to a few factors such as the environment. The research was done between 2010 and…show more content…
The study also found out that sample who had higher self-esteem had better academic achievement. Some of the major finding in the research was: 1. Academic achievement and emotional intelligence for both graduate and postgraduate student-teachers of colleges are dependant. 2. Academic Achievement and dimensions of emotional intelligence for both graduate and postgraduate student-teachers of colleges are dependant. 3. Sample who has better self-esteem has better performance. Therefore, according to Narasgouda and Ganihar (2014) the emotional intelligence and self-esteem are significantly related to each other but not denying that difference in culture and quality of the environment may affecting the result as well. From the literature Narasgouda and Ganihar (2014), emotional intelligence affect academic achievement and self-esteem affect academic achievement while from the literature Jeenabadi (2013) shows that emotional intelligence affects academic achievement too and the female individual shows greater level of self-esteem. This is to be answer by the objectives of this study. Emotional intelligence & academic

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