Emotional Intelligence In Psychology

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Emotional intelligence as the name states is related to intelligence regarding managing one’s emotions. The emotional intelligence of a person depicts how well he can manage his own emotions and control his/her behaviour.
The notion of EI was first formally and properly introduced by Salovey and Mayer in 1970 and since then has become enormously popular throughout the vast domain of psychology. The topic of emotional intelligence has been stated in a large number of bestselling books, magazines and articles.
This is very essential part and parcel of a human being’s personality. Emotional intelligence is something which is more acquired by experience rather than heredity. Through the course of actions in one’s life a person develops his or her
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Other examples of other scales to determine the level of emotional intelligence are Bar-On and the Goleman methods. The Goleman method focuses on the capacity to recognise our own emotions and of others for motivating ourselves and for managing emotion well in us and in our relationship. On a similar note the Bar On strategy or the model focuses on understanding oneself, and others and relating to people and adapting to and coping with the immediate surroundings which increases the chances of one’s being successful in dealing with the environment demands.
The influence of emotional intelligence on the popular culture is rampant and widespread and rapid. Even though it has stimulated a surprising number of research initiatives across a wide range of domain within the scope of psychology itself the swiftness with which the concept of emotional intelligence has caught on has somewhat inevitably created a possible gap between what we know and what we need to
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We can also find a similar concept in emotional intelligence. The inception of emotional intelligence was there to show that here is need to inculcate and sharpen our skill in certain positive traits and always avoid the negative traits. Developing one’s emotional intelligence level helps to develop one’s level of emotional maturity. Then the people will be able to handle and control their own emotions in a more developed
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