Emotional Intelligence Reflection Paper

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Introduction We often find it difficult to connect with the modern tendencies, ourselves and others; this can be attributed with our inability to connect with emotional intelligence EI. According to Segal J., Smith M. & Shubin J. (2017 October) when it comes to success and happiness, our career, relationships and goals, emotional intelligence is as much important as intellectual ability (IQ) because we need emotional intelligence to turn intention into action. In this week’s journal I will discourse what I have learned about myself as regards to emotional intelligence, I will choose one factor which I consider important in the list of 19 factors of eiconsortium.org edited by Cary Cherniss and finally, I will add additional factors that reflects my culture, family or views. Body According to Dan Goleman (1996), emotional intelligence is one’s ability to identify, understand and manage our emotions, this also include the ability to recognize, understand and influence others emotions. (ihhp.com. n.d). Over this week, I have learned that our emotions can drive and affect our behaviors positively or negatively, I have learned how to manage my emotions and others especially in times of pressure when we are most vulnerable to negative influences. The studies of this unit also went further to teach us about emotional competences which is another important factor of emotional intelligence, both are interwoven as one’s ability to manage him or herself, ability to manage his or her

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