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Identify 3 journal articles (published within the past 10 years) that deal with your research topic. For each article, answer the following questions: • Reference article in proper APA format AND attach to assignment • Reason: What aspect of your research question is this paper addressing? • Summary: What is the main focus on this research article? What are the conclusion Article: The science of emotional intelligence The article focuses on the scientific study of emotional intelligence. Findings have shown that emotional intelligence has an effect on important aspects of life such as forming lasting relationships and success at work. The article defines emotional intelligence as “ the ability to monitor one’s own and other’s feelings, to…show more content…
The article suggests that emotional intelligence and dispositional affectivity are two important variables because they are easily measurable. Once measured, a salesperson could learn that their levels of emotional intelligence and dispositional affectivity are not high enough to lead to successful, but this individual could then partake in training and practice in order to enhance their understanding and control of these variables. The article suggests that emotional intelligence and dispositional affectivity have promise in terms of their connection to sales performance, and that both of these variables could be beneficial tools for sales managers and salespeople. The article even suggests that emotional intelligence and dispositional affectivity may be used in recruiting and selection decisions for the search of successful…show more content…
As of now not many cities in the U.S offer training in emotional intelligence, but some cities offer training and activities in skills that are related to emotional intelligence. When managers participate in these trainings they become more attuned to the feelings of others, they better understand their feelings and the feelings of others which also also helps them understand their own strengths and weaknesses and the that of others. These skills are all connected to having a higher level of emotional intelligence and this article shows that it is important for managers to have emotional intelligence skills. Reason: This article will help with my research because it shows that it is imperative for managers to have a high level of skill in emotional intelligence. Having high levels of emotional intelligence will help a manager better understand the needs and feelings of his/her employees which in turn will lead to greater success as a manager. This article supports my hypothesis in showing that training and developing ones emotional intelligence skills will lead to success on the job as a

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