Emotional Intelligence Test

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Emotional Intelligence Tests

Emotional Intelligence is the ability to understand other people and yourself. These tests examines how well you are able to understand trends in peoples’ personalities.

Mayer, Salovey, and Caruso Emotional Intelligence Test (MSCEIT).
Emotional intelligence test measures how easily people are able to perform tasks and solve problems of emotions on eight tasks, which are basically divided into four branches of abilities that include (a) perceiving emotions, (b) facilitating thought, (c) understanding emotions, and (d) managing emotions. The correct answers are evaluated in terms of agreement. This is done with a general consensus. They closely converge. Analysis of this data provides five scores
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Respondents answer questions using a 5-point scale (1 = very seldom or not true of me; 5 = very often true of me). The scores are provided by test publisher. Reported scores include total Emotional Quotient. They include scores from the five composite scales of the test: interpersonal EQ, intrapersonal EQ, stress management, adaptability, and general mood. Bar-On has recently changed his model and now considers the fifth factor, general mood, as a enhancer of EI and not part of it. Therefore, the total EQ-i score used here is based on the sum of the first four…show more content…
They need to share what the reason of conflict is and try and resolve it in a mature way.
The matter of equal importance is an organization’s ability to deal with and handle change, which today and always is inevitable. It is also crucial for organizations to be able to share and work towards goals.
Emotional intelligence is directly connected to one’s ability to do all the things listed above in this paragraph. It is EQ, not IQ, that is most important.
Some critics have attacked the concept of EQ, saying that "it doesn’t exist or that it is not relevant in our society." This people are clearly wrong, and do not have a basic understanding of human psychology. If you can understand the fact that humans tend to be emotional, than EQ makes perfect
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