SWOT Analysis: Interpersonal And Communication Skills

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Written Assignment Unit Seven
Emotional Intelligent
PSYC 1205

SWOT Analysis
What do you do well?
What unique resources can you draw on?
What do others see as your strengths? Weaknesses
What could you improve?
Where do you have fewer resources than others?
What are others likely to see as weaknesses?

- My interpersonal and communication skills
- I can use computer and many useful software perfectly well
- My ability to work well with others
- Friends from the outside that would help deal with cultural issues

- Unable to say no
- Focus on details
- Ignoring the big picture
What opportunities are open to you?
What trends could you take advantage of?
How can you turn
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I have discovered or identified personal skills and resources that I can use better than anyone else to compete in the workplace. I also have analyzed the tools in the lights of those around me. I took time to learn about my personal strengths because I know it is a good way to make me happier at work or in life in general. Another thing I discover is my ability to influence those around my. I possess great leadership skills and I am able to to communicate well with my subordinate, convince them to take action.
What I’ve learned from analyzing my Weaknesses:
When it comes to you to perform a personal SWOT analysis, you also need to point out your weaknesses too. One of the my biggest weaknesses is my incapability to say no. sometimes I find it hard to answer negatively to a request even if it may hurt me. Many people think that I most of the time focus on small details while ignoring the big picture.
What I’ve learned from analyzing my
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Businesses are fighting for customers. However, to be able to reach those customers, firms need to set strategies. Reference for Business states it in these words:”Organizational strategies are the means through which companies accomplish their missions and goals, (n d). Successful strategies address four elements of the setting within which the company operates: (1) the company's strengths, (2) its weaknesses, (3) the opportunities in its competitive environment, and (4) the threats in its competitive environment (n d). so, if firms are set strategies to stand you also ought to bring value to your organization to stand in the crowd, recall that thousands of people are fighting for the position you are dreaming about!

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