Personal Essay: The Role Of Parental Control In Sports

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For many, sport is more than just an activity or a form of competition. Instead, it is an engagement that allows individuals to escape the pressures of reality, while developing mental, physical, and social skills in a fun atmosphere. However, as sport appeal continues to shift towards becoming increasingly based on success, this perspective begins to change. Emphasis on winning alters the pressure-free and enjoyable environment that athletes are passionate about. As sport becomes stressful and more training-based, many young athletes begin to lose interest. Parents often add to this by pushing their children to their limits by facilitating the belief that the only way to reach their potential is through specialized training and success. Often parents use this unnecessary pressure to fulfill a fantasy or accomplish goals they could not reach in their lifetime through their own children. Ultimately, sport plays a huge role in a child’s growth and development as…show more content…
One of the most complex and sometimes frustrating situations involves parents coaching their own children in a competitive atmosphere. The problem is parent coaches often hold their kids to a higher standard and therefore place greater responsibilities on them. They also don’t want to give their kids special treatment and therefore struggle to find a proper balance. I have experienced this first hand as my dad has coached my hockey team for years. He places a lot of pressure on me because he knows the skill that I have as a player and when I am playing with my full capabilities. Although this can be beneficial, but can also extremely frustrating when my increasing effort does lead to any results. The difference between my dad and other parents is he knows the limits and doesn’t place this pressure on me outside the rink. By knowing when and when not to intervene it allows me to respond to the pressure in a positive
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