Grawnola And Cereal Analysis

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Eating healthy is the key to a healthy life. This idea is conveyed through the advertorial Grawnola & Cereal composed by the business, Little Bird, detailing the effects of eating right. The context is the 21st century, approximately in the past 10 years or so, where society has become more aware of what they are putting into their body. Little Bird’s target audiences are active or health-conscious eaters and those who have special diets. The composer’s purpose is to persuade the reader to purchase their product, through the use of common conventions in advertorials. Their intent is for us to understand the benefits of consuming Grawnola. Perhaps some of us may not be careful as to what goes into our body, but the time to change is now. Grawnola…show more content…
Little Bird implies that they care about what you require. The eye-catching typography used in the headline utilises humour, and more specifically, a pun to attract our attention. “Grawnola and cereal.” The pun in Grawnola draws attention and also conveys to the reader that their Grawnola is different from other granolas, both in terms of taste and their inclusion of raw diets. Because Grawnola displays a more memorable name, this also allows it to stand out from other similar products leading to a more easily recognisable product and therefore leading to consumers more likely purchasing their product. The use of listing of dietary requirements emphasises how Little Bird cares about who they are catering to, wanting to include as many as possible. “Our Grawnolas are Raw, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Vegan, without refined cane sugar or soy.” This illustrates to the reader the large market Little Bird is including, evoking a sense of belonging for those who have limited options when it comes to food. Often those who have special diets are excluded from most products, but Little Bird emphasises their inclusion of many of those…show more content…
This advertorial writes in an informal style, expressed through the use of neologism. The composer uses “the unbakery” to place emphasis on how it is different from other companies, it is not a bakery. This is supported by the upside down bird next to this, once again representing the business as different and unique. It is effective because this conveys to the reader that the business is unlike others, other businesses who only care about making a profit. The use of informal language also creates a more relatable quality for the advertorial, establishing a closer connection between business and purchaser. A better relationship more easily conveys the businesses ideas. It also evokes a feeling of friendliness, persuading the reader to purchase the product. The use of personal pronouns supports this idea. Throughout the advertorial, pronouns such as “you” and “we” are repeated. This conveys a more personal feel to the advertorial, as the reader feels as though Little Bird is speaking directly to them. This further develops the business-consumer relationship. By relating to its customers, Little Bird can more successfully persuade them to buy their

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