Malala Yousafzai's Inspirational Speech

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Malala Yousafzai was known for her inspirational speeches to speak out for women’s rights. How it’s looked down upon for women in the middle east to go to school. Yousafzai’s purpose is to raise awareness to spread the necessity of education throughout the whole world for both boys and girls. Therefore, Malala conveys her purpose of raising awareness the true struggle for an education in the middle east through credible ethos, contradicting juxtaposition, and affecting pathos. Malala is unfortunate to have experienced what she has first hand, but that builds her credibility and also her purpose she’s conveyed throughout her life. To begin with Malala is from Swat in Pakistan, which is a patriotic society women are degraded to the point where they can’t get an…show more content…
As stated in” I Am Malala” , “One person tried to silence me. And millions spoke out”(Yousafzai,175). Malala was shot and was trying to be silenced, but instead the Taliban has helped her speak out and reach other
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