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According to Goldsmith ( 2011) there are 10 things to consider in order to give and get an emotional support. He concluded that most people get starved to be touched oftenly, with this a simple way of expressing emotional support could be share through a very powerful experience. Being respectful for the feelings of a person also let her to know that a person is available to be talked to. Giving enough space that a person's need is also a way of showing care. Giving a small gift or surprised helps to keep an emotion alive making an individual involved to feel special. The art of complementing in front of other people is also nice. Saying nice things about a person, is one of the most supportive thing a person can do. In terms of disagreeing,…show more content…
It is like a wishing well, an attitude of compassion, caring and kindness. Hanson said that empathy is an element of the emotional understansding of what it is like to be another persona. As being defined , empathy is a natural ability that every normal person has. It rests on three simple skills: Paying attention, looking beneath the surface and checking back. According to Hansen, paying attention is when an individual remais fully prsent and involved as another might need help, with this the support person istrying to make the person feel that he /she is available to talk to. While looking beneath the surface entails the means of wandering about the softer feelings inside a person's anger and hard side with this the source of support is just trying to be a good listener. On the other hand , on checking back, the support person develop the sense of being able to sense of what is going on within that certain

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