Emotional Turmoil In Enrique's Journey

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Enrique’s Journey by Sonia Nazario tells of a perseverant Honduran mother by the name of Lourdes. She comes to the United States in hopes of landing a job, so that she may send money home to her children in Honduras. Lourdes’s determination pays off and she is hired at many domestic jobs, such as babysitting and house cleaning. Although she is now able to send adequate support to her children, her absence consequently causes emotional turmoil. Enrique yearns for his mother, to the point where he is willing to risk his life to be with her. His quest to reunite with his mom is filled with a multitude of obstacles ; nevertheless through the kindness of strangers and smugglers, Enrique’s dream becomes a reality. Everyone needs someone to help them pick up their broken pieces at least one point in their life.…show more content…
“He dabs at the wounds on his face with a filthy sweater he has found on the tracks.”(53) If it wasn’t for the immediate care and advice Enrique received from Gomez, he could have died on one of his his first few attempts to get to the the U.S.A. “He opens the bag. Inside are a half dozen rolls of bread.”(96) If the people of Veracruz had not given him food, Enrique could have starved to death on top of the trains he hitched on. Enrique’s journey was far from easy but the the sympathy of generous people helped to ease his
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