Emotionless Society Depicted In 'The Giver'

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In the giver everyone tries to be perfect ,but the truth is they are not.They live in an emotionless society where they take pills to get rid of emotions.The giver is a dystopia.They do not choose what they wear.they also kill innocent children. The giver is a dystopia because they hide their emotions, they do not choose what they wear, and they kill innocent children, In the giver jonas complains about not being able to choose a red tunic or a blue tunic.Other people have the same problem. This is an example of not being able to choose. If that happened in real life then lots of people would not be very happy.In life people want choices. In the giver Jonas has to take a pill. That pill is used to hide emotion.People should have emotions because it is apart of being human.If you 're not human then what would you be. People need emotion.…show more content…
Jonas was wondering about release. When Jonas watched his father release the child he wasn 't very happy.The reason he was so upset is because his “father” killed the child.this is an example of a dystopia. The giver is a dystopia.I have basically proven that the world that jonas lives in is a dystopia.There is evidence that can’t choose what they wear.They do not have emotions.They also kill innocent children.The giver is not a utopia it is a

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