Emotions: Assignment: Behavior In Organization

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Assignment – Behaviour in Organization Group-03 Ganesh S (PGP14018) Balaji Parthasarathy (PGP14014) Davinder Yadav (PGP14015) Ashish Kumar Anshu (PGP14013) Everis Tipu Doley (PGP14017) Deepika Sood (PGP14016) EMOTIONS Emotions and moods are more familiar to people. People don't recognize that these two factors are inter-related. According to emotions theory it is stated that emotional reactions has stronger agreement with the pre-existing mood. In order to study the question how moods affects emotions, one has to read mood-disturbed individuals. So there are experimental studies of emotional reactivity by majorly depressed individuals. There is also a study of difference between normal and depressed mood variation. We all have a common…show more content…
There are around 21 facial expressions that seems to similar for everyone. The emotions are like being happy, sad, angry etc. Each and every emotions of the person is processed in the system and will map with the emotions of the brain with greater precision than before. The 21 facial expressions are categorized majorly under six emotions happy, sad, fearful, angry, surprised and disgusted. It was categorized because these were self-evident. There was also some compound emotions of person being noted such as happily surprised and sadly angry. Each and every basic emotions and compound emotions were categorized by a particular emotions. These system were used to determine the sadness among people. So in this article the researchers were also able to identify the contrary emotions which the people felt. Some might be happy but will seem to crying after watching a movie, these were also identified by the system. So to conclude the emotions are being felt for a moment and it is mostly inherited by the moods of the person. Emotions are described on a whole to be a response to internal and external events. Emotions are tend to be in any form say behavioural, verbal or physiological. There exist emotions among the relationships having positive and negative influences. There are basic emotions and also compound emotions which is identified by systems nowadays with a technology advancement. Emotions in every individual cannot be changed. But you can try to change yourself. Try to change which you

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