Emotions At Work Case Study

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Organization Management Name Course Tutor Date Part 2 Seminar Week Number: 15 Seminar Title: Emotions at work Reference Adil, A, Kamal, A, & Atta, M (2013), 'Mediating role of emotions at work in relation to display rule demands, emotional labor, and job satisfaction', Journal Of Behavioural Sciences, 23, 3, pp. 35-52. Available at: http://pu.edu.pk/images/journal. (Accessed: 9 February 2016). Summary This article is from a study that sought to explore the relationship between emotional feelings of workers on one hand and rules, emotional labour and job satisfaction on the other. This study hypothesized that performance of workers in any organization depended on their usual emotions while at work. The findings revealed that negative…show more content…
The study was motivated by previous studies that revealed that most employers are reluctant deploying the disabled individuals. The study randomly assigned employees to either standard conditions based on their disability or positive conditions based on the strengths they exhibited. The study has highlighted several variables which employers base on before employing a disabled employee. These variables include; the type of disability, employee’s experience, employer’s’ experience with disabled employees, social acceptability and national policies. Most employers engaged in competitive industries tend to avoid employing physically challenged individuals because many sectors of the organization would require individuals who are physically and academically fit to achieve daily targets. Thus, disabled individuals are denied chances in most of these sectors because they would not perform as required. The type of disability also had a great influence on the attitude of the employers. My Critical Reflection The discussion in this article has revealed to me that disabled individuals tend to have rough experiences when looking for job opportunities. I have realized that employers consider many factors before deploying a disabled individual than a physically fit individual. I have also been able to understand challenges the disabled face. However, I have to agree that not all jobs are…show more content…
Therefore, it is critical for them to embrace strategic management practices that would accommodate all kinds of people. Organizations can have disabled individuals, men and women, young and old, and people of different races, religions, and cultures and still thrive. Therefore, for an organization to perform successfully, the managers need to harmonize all the aspects to make everyone to feel free and acceptable in the organization. The paper asserts that an organization that embraces diversity has high chances of good performance because the individuals differences adds value in terms of creativity, experiences, understanding and appreciating other peoples’ cultures hence promoting social tolerance. The book concludes that human resource managers should not overlook diversity and inclusion because it is a powerful tool of management that can propel an organization to bigger heights. My Critical Reflection I fully agree with this book for its original research and believe that organizations thrive when people from different backgrounds are brought on board. If ever be a manager, I would always endeavour to come up with strategies that would boost compatibility of different people in my place of

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