Emotions In Aldous Huxley's Brave New World

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To the question, I disagreed, the world state eliminate emotion from humanity is wrong, it’s like creating a clone or robots have no emotions. Teaching babies that to be horrific by flowers and books but what if they learned from the outside that books and flowers are harmful, but electrify the babies is wrong, making the decision like that wrong it’s like an insane new world order, what if someone gain emotions, than what you do? You can’t take away from emotions. If you take emotions, they will gain emotions and rebal, the new world state and start anew and the world may cease or no more or split apart like emotions and non-emotions living in a sociality not ending up in a war or end peacefully in humanity. in the book of brave new world, soma is like liquid bottle to make them “happy” and saying “everyone belong to everyone else.” First of all, soma is like an ideal pleasure drug and like Bernard, he don’t like soma he rather be hiself. Like Bernard, he is different he feels emotions, he is small. Someone thought he was a gamma and put in his blood surrogate, he wants to meet someone like him and wanted to be free and wanted Lenina to hiself, he heard henry foster and Assistant predstinator about her. In the text it states. “ talking about her as though she were a bit of meat.” (Huxley 45) he was feeling angry. He wished to beat on…show more content…
She has no emotions, some words she learned from sleep teaching. Lenina is like everyone else because she sleeps with many mans in the lift. She is a popular girl. She called herself, “meat”, that she is one. In the text, “everyone belong to everyone else.” (Huxley 28) on the helicopter, Lenina repeated some from sleep teaching, usually see sunlight but first time sees storm. Bernard wants her to be free, but Lenina was crying. In text it states, “as though I were more me, if you see what I mean more of my own, not so completely a part of something else. Not a cell in the social body.” (Huxley
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