Emotions Allow One To Make Rational Decisions Essay

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Can overwhelming emotions really allow one to make rational decisions? Similar emotions can affect people differently, causing them to act out in various ways, even if two people are experiencing the same thing. The way one chooses to process certain emotions can be significantly influenced by the people one spends the most time with because one often associates with people that are similar to them. Negative human emotions such as sadness, anger, and betrayal feed into revengeful thoughts that greatly motivates one’s behavior. Sadness has the ability to envelop one’s thoughts, which dictates their behavior. The death of Ophelia’s father, Polonius, committed by her lover, Hamlet, sends her into a downward spiral of despair as she cannot cope with losing some of the most important men in her life. Ophelia goes into a self-destrcutive craze, prancing around the castle spewing…show more content…
Just as groups may fight because of environmental pressures or resource scarcity, they may also have strong incentives to expand trade relations and build alliances that benefit both parties”(Glowacki). His overwhelming anger led Claudius to do the unspeakable act of killing his brother because his thoughts were clouded by his emotions. He got the ultimate revenge by killing his brother, which allowed him to gain alliances by becoming the King. Anger is a common emotion one feels when they are betrayed. Thoughts of betrayal can lead one to want to get revenge for the wrongdoings committed against them. The marriage of Hamlet’s mother and uncle shortly after the death of his father leaves him feeling betrayed by the woman who gave him life. Hamlet views their relationship as incenstuous because Cladius is Gertrude's brother (by marriage), making him want to get revenge on her. He goes to confront his mother privately about this situation, hoping to right the wrong he

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