Emotions In Herman Hesse's Siddhartha

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Most people say they know how to describe emotions. They feel them all day long, but most know not the scientific definition which states, “emotions are a neural impulse that moves an organism to action”. So technically emotions control most of an organism's actions. Some people hide their emotions or choose to not take actions . In the Herman Hesse’s book, Siddhartha, the main character, Siddhartha, expresses many emotions. In fact Hesse uses imagery to show the drastic changes in Siddhartha’s emotions and he uses techniques of diction to show Siddhartha’s emotional and mental growth. Hesse employs many techniques of diction to show Siddhartha's growth. For starters, when Siddhartha surpasses the knowledge his village offers he begins experiencing…show more content…
Near the beginning, Siddhartha feels lonely. Loneliness possesses two different definitions. It either means literal distance between people, or something feels desolate even when around others. They feel emotionally alone comparable to how Siddhartha feels. Initially when Siddhartha leaves the Buddha and his friend, he expresses he feels “alone like a star in the heavens”(34). Stars, unlike humans, posses no emotions yet it symbolizes loneliness because of the great distance between it and other things. The stars light one sees dates back many years showing a great distance because light travels great distances quickly. The distance creates loneliness. Then during other times, Siddhartha feels happy and content. When Siddhartha and Kamala mingle he explains he goes into “ her lovely pleasure garden”(65) during the night. Her pleasure garden plants the seeds of pleasure and dirty games. His seed sprouts every time they play those games, which metaphorically waters it, making their relationship grow. After a while, he left that life along with her, because he remembered his one true goal, wanting to reach enlightenment. Throughout that journey he became friends with the ferryman and one day while observing the river, the ferryman sees the “serenity of knowledge shining”(111) in Siddhartha’s eyes. Siddhartha attains so much peace and acts so calmly he literally shows it through his eyes. He…show more content…
Siddhartha goes through many trials and adventures in the book and they change how he sees the world. He grows emotionally and mentally and eventually finds peace at the end of his long journey. The imagery shows how Siddhartha’s emotions completely change and how he evolves throughout the book. At the end of the book Siddhartha finds the peace that he wants from the beginning. He let his emotions lead him on a journey. If he changed for the better because he followed his emotions, should others do it also, and change to the person they could
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