Emotions In Monkey's Paw

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Emotions are complicated. They make you irrationally angry, unintentionally happy, and “I’m-really-sure-how-I-got-to-this-point” sad. One minute you're sobbing your eyes out and the next you're blood boiling angry at yourself for even letting a single tear drop. In fits of rage all people can think is “hurt, hurt, hurt”. With uncontrollable fear all people can think to do is get out of the situation. And curiosity has you just heading into things without rationally thinking. The characters in these following stories all acted upon their own tricky emotions.

In the Monkey’s Paw the characters go through a quick session of bad choices. Mr. White, the main protagonist, pulled the Monkey’s Paw out of the fire in curiousity (pg 187). He look at it with ignorance and wished foolishly after being warned (pg 189). When his son went off to work and never came home, he and his Wife fell into depression (pg 191). Sadness drove them to bring him back any possible way, and it was his Wife who suggested taking the action of wishing him back (pg 192). He brought the paw up and wished out
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So horrified, in fact, that they had the great idea of getting rid of the eye forever. They planned to kill their Grandfather (pg 203). They stalked carefully, for this was a plan that would take time and thought (pg 203). After days of cautious stalking the action took, and the Grandfather was murdered (pg 204-205). Suffocated, cut up, and stored in the floorboards (pg 206). The Narrator was not deteriorated by the killing. When the police showed up after a neighbor called for a disturbance, they happily invited the men in (pg 206). They showed them around, not fearing they would find anything (pg 207). But after awhile, the faint thump of a beating heart could be heard. It drove the Narrator to tear up the floorboards out of guilt and fear and showed the officers what laid there (pg
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