Romeo And Juliet Mood Analysis

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Throughout this story Romeo has expressed himself in many different ways. He is very emotional and it doesn’t take much in order for him to change moods. The unknown characteristic that I will be analyzing of Romeo is his emotions and how he changes moods, and how they affect him in his life. The emotions he goes from very as well, sometimes he goes happy to sad and others it's sad to sadder, you just never know. I think it clouds his judgement and and causes him to miss key details that are very important. Romeo is a key character in the story and many of the other characters would probably be able to back me up on the fact of him being very emotional. One scenario of Romeo expressing his emotions is at the very beginning, he was…show more content…
When Balthasar catches word of this, he goes straight to Mantua and tells Romeo. Romeo says he is coming to Verona, but this will be his last time in Verona, he purchases poison on his way to Juliet’s tomb. This signifies that Romeo’s emotions get in the way of his thinking because as soon as he heard about Juliet’s death, he immediately goes to the thought of killing himself to be with her, when someone thinking clearly would ask questions, find out bigger details, and ask someone to reassure the news. When he gets to the tomb, he finds Paris there and he ends up killing him. After memorializing, Romeo takes out the poison, “Thy drugs are quick. Thus with a kiss I die.”(Act 4, Scene 3 Line 131) Romeo was so focused on dying to be with Juliet that the missed something very important. Another moment that signifies Romeo’s emotions clouding his actions. By the time Romeo had gotten done talking to Juliet the potion had started to wear of and she was starting to wake up. This is one of the biggest times that Romeo let his emotions get the best of him, and this time it cost him his life. If he would not have of been so quick to take the poison, or have been so set on his decision, he would have noticed these details, or he would have asked the Friar whether or not Juliet is actually dead, but his emotions clouded his judgement, and Romeo took the poison, thus no one could
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