Emotions In The Film Rudy

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The film Rudy leads an inspiring story of Rudy Ruggether, a small town boy with the biggest dream to someday play for the Notre Dame football team. His small town family members all work at the local steel mill and going to college for them was not even a thought. With no support, Rudy settles into a normal life working in the steel mill with his father. When Rudy 's best friend Pete is killed in a workplace accident, Rudy decides to drop everything and head off to Notre Dame to pursue his dream. Not having the grades nor the ability to go to Notre Dame he takes extra courses at a nearby college with the hopes of transferring to Notre Dame. Rudy is rejected three times before he is actually accepted, but he is not happy with only being accepted…show more content…
Sean manages to bring to life a self determined teen with a passion. Sean acting bring together the film. This film 's strong character keep it focused and engaging. We see Rudy go through many emotions throughout the movie; Rudy 's rage and frustration at not being able to on the team is often brought up in the course of this film. His emotions are fluently shown to get the best of him and for him to lose control in certain situations. Such as when he thought his chance of been a official Notre Dame football player had slipped away his emotions took him to quit the team and to accept the fact that he wouldn 't make the walk on team. Later, he realize with the help of Fortune ,a groundskeeper at the Notre Dame stadium, that he had gone to far to just quit and that he would see this to the end. There 's much to gain from this movie,Rudy 's determination and the sacrifices his teammates are willing to make for him play an important part to insure the message of unity and determination. While, it’s a fairly predictable film and clich full at some moments, it’s enormously appealing, because everyone can identify in one way or another with the characters of the
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