Emotions In The Kite Runner

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“Your emotions are the slaves to your thoughts, and you are the slave to your emotions.” Elizabeth Gilbert. This particular quote precisely demonstrates the inner sentiments for Amir in The Kite Runner that he genuine wishes for casting off being the slave to his emotions. Through out the entire first 12 chapters, Khaled Hosseini used daedal emotional bonds between Amir and Baba in order to illustrates the emotional changes between these two characters. Those flourishes of the sentiments obviously elucidate via tension, love and conflicts between Amir and Baba. Related to their personalities, Amir is more in touch with his authentic emotions and Baba is more justified in feeling the way he does. Amir’s jealousy extends though out the story,…show more content…
He conceals his inner emotions and shames. Baba’s guilt is basically because of Hassan that he always endorses Hassan in front of Amir. Baba’s actions stimulate Amir’s jealousy. “Sometimes I wished he wouldn’t do that. Wished he’d let me be the favorite.” (Chapter 3) This quote suggests Amir’s jealousy of Baba always being interesting in Hassan. At this point, Amir’s jealousy is entirely in his true sentiments. His relationship with his father is not brawny, and Amir wants his father to pay more attention on him. Nevertheless, the story subsequently reveals that Baba is Hassan’s biological father. Baba brought the kite to Hassan to make up the guilt for not being able to acknowledge to truth. Baba’s hesitation, which causes by sin leads Amir to feel that he never knows Baba completely, alienating Amir from Baba while Amir is growing up. Baba locks this secret because of his love to Amir that he doesn’t want to impair Amir’s heart. Hence he acts cruel, marble, and unreasonable to not making Amir doubts him. In Baba’s angle, all the things that he does is based on the love to Amir, the guilt to Hassan and the tension of not to being doubt by Amir. All the actions are planned by Baba via the long time of consideration so that his is more…show more content…
Baba always has guilt in his heart as well as Amir. Baba is cowardice and Amir was as well. Nevertheless, Baba’s cowardice only shows to Rahim Khan because Amir said “I always learn things about Baba from other people.”(Chapter 3) And Rahim Khan knew that Hassan was Baba’s son however Baba tells him that not telling Amir the truth. Baba can’t assert Hassan so that he acts cruel to Amir in order to expiate guilty sentiment and liberate from self-accusation. From this place, Baba is cowardice merely his strong and powerful mask cover his cowardice hides inside his heart however Rahim Khan knows that. Yet, Amir always shows his cowardice whatever to Hassan or to Baba. Amir thought his happiness would increase by betraying Hassan, but his guiltiness increases and it tortures. But Amir, acts more rationally and reasonable after he grows up. Amir thought Hassan as “the lamp he had to slay.” on the contrary, his guilt is relentless, and he recognizes his selfishness abates his happiness. “I almost told her how I’d betrayed Hassan, lie, driven him out, and destroyed a forty year relationship between Baba and Ali. But I didn’t.” Amir has listed the things that he done, which made his shameful and guilty sentiments, compare to younger Amir, the older Amir realizes how dire the consequence of his action before and understands his cowardice and he feels regret. Still, he does not have the courage
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