Little Women Alcott Analysis

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When people make their decisions, they base it off of one factor, their emotions. Some people say that one’s actions are influenced by the logic of his/her brain and not their emotions. However, even logic is based off of one’s emotions. The most important factor in why people choose to do something is emotion, which is a strong force in influencing one 's actions. People often do things to make others feel better, which in turn, helps them feel better about themselves.

The March Sisters, from “Little Women” by Louisa May Alcott, constantly did good deeds for others which made them feel good about themselves. As the four March sisters were cleaning up and getting ready for Marmee to come down the stairs, the author states, “Amy got out of the easy chair without being asked” (Alcott para 1). Amy relinquishing the chair to provide seating for her mother was a very selfless act and gave her the feeling of gratification. The four March sisters “brightened to welcome [their mother]” (Alcott para 1). When the four March sisters were arguing about who would get what for Marmee, Beth says, “‘I 'll tell you what we 'll do,’ said Beth, ‘let 's each get her something for Christmas, and not get anything for ourselves’” (Alcott para 6). Beth 's idea to have her sisters sacrifice their presents displays the generosity of the March sisters. Providing for their mother gave them the feeling of contentedness. After the four March sisters gave up their breakfast to the poor family, the author states, “I think there were not
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These emotions are what drives someone to complete the actions. They are what motivates people to do things to make others feel better, which in turn, helps them feel better about themselves. Emotions can cause quick actions where people might not take the time to think about it. Although these actions are direct, they might not be the best decision since no logic, judgment, or thought was put into
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