Emotions In The Poem 'Nettles' By Vernon Scannell

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Powerful emotions were shown in the poem ‘Nettles’ written by Vernon Scannell. Vernon shares his emotions on how dangerous little things can be. He talks about how painful nettles could be and express is feelings which he exaggerates. Then he goes on about the war which is linked to nettles in some way. In the poem of Sister Maude written by Christina Rossetti the emotions spread though out the poem is hatred and anger toward her and love and respect towards her parents.

On the surface this poem is about a boy who fell in a bed on stinging nettles which his father tries to destroy. But the forever growing nettles was going to be hard to get rid of. It also expresses feeling about the father and son love.
However it covers deeper themes and
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Scannell uses onomatopoeia the word ‘slashed’ to describe his action and the aggression he has towards the nettles.

Sister Maude written by Christina Rossetti is a dramatic monologue which the narrator shows anger and aggression towards her sister Maude and loves is shown towards the narrators’ mother and father and also her lover. She talks about how her sister is jealous with the relationship that Christina and her lover has, which she destroys successfully

The poetics’ character has shown anger through vocabulary she describes her sister’s behaviour. ‘Peer’, ‘Lurk’, ‘Spy’. This just shows how much anger she’s taking out on the poem.
Her attitude shown to her sister however is shown in a way she is excluding her sister from the family. ‘My father’, ‘my mother’. This is where Christina excludes her sister from the family by saying ‘my’, and doesn’t say our. ‘My father may sleep in Paradise, my mother at Heaven-gate, but Sister Maude shall get no sleep either early or late’. This just shows how much hatred she has against her
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