Emotions In The Workplace

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Organization behavior studies how people interact in groups. It is used in business to improve the efficiency of workers in a company. Emotions and moods can affect in great part how an individual relates with his co-workers, customers, clients, and superiors. Also, moods and behavior can affect for better or worse how an individual perform his tasks at job. That is why studying the different emotions and moods an individual can experience as well as how to control them and what cause them is so important. To recognize and define different emotions and moods can help during the process of hiring new people for specific tasks as well as it can help increase work productivity and many others.
At the same time, people fall in love
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Emotions are very intense feelings directed at someone or something. They are usually caused by some specific events or people and are very brief in duration. Emotions also have clear start and end as well as they can be accompanied with facial expressions. Different people can have different kind of emotions to the same event. Emotions can influence whether a person is receptive to advice, whether they quit a job, and how they perform individually or on a team. We can divide them into two groups – positive and negative. Examples in the workplace can be achieving a goal or receiving praise from a superior. This positive state of mind can give an individual feeling of making difficult challenges more achievable. It is very important as such a person can be more creative and customers with positive state of mind are more likely to use the specific product or recommend it to others. On the other hand, we have to also deal with negative emotions, such as sadness or anger. Workplace interaction between individuals can cause very unpleasant environment. Those who cannot manage their negative emotions can easily create conflicts. But it can also trigger burst of positive energy as an anger to another person/company can increase productivity and this kind of person will work more to be more successful than his competitors. Thus, not only positive emotions are important in the workplace.
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Both contribute to successful decision-making and negotiation. However, while intellectual intelligence uses analytical thinking for decision making, problem solving, and effective negotiation, emotional intelligence uses the same emotional goal for the same purpose. It is based on the ability to perceive and recognize emotions and emotions of others and the ability to control oneself (by controlling their own emotions or using them for their own motivation) and by their ability to influence emotions and motivation of
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