Emotive Language

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Freedom Writers is based on a true story set in America in 1994, where a first time teacher, played by Hilary Swank, faces a group of students who have been considered by the government as “un-teachable and at–risk” teenagers. These students represent street kids who have all witnessed street fights as well as the murder of their friends and family. The movie demonstrates the way non-white Americans are over represented in teenage homicides, incarceration, unemployed, poverty and poor educational outcomes, but also the way they are viewed in the media. The film also has several references to ghettos, street life, drug busts and continual involvement with the police. The target audience for this film is teenagers. A way this is known is because of the way the film is presented to the audience.

In this scene where
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This scene is not only confronting for both the students and Erin, but also for the viewers that are watching. It is appealing to the audience by the way the camera angles and the selected language that is used by the actors.

Emotive language plays a major part in this scene. There are various different examples of emotive language. One significant example of this is when Eva says “White people always wanting their respect like they deserve it for free. It’s all about colour, it’s about people deciding what they deserve and wanting what they don’t deserve. About white’s thinking that they run the world no matter what, see I hate white people. ”
By this statement Eva means that she thinks white people believe they should have the respect of people only because they are white, rather than because they have earned it in some way. Then she goes on to saying that white people run the world and that white people can do or get anything they want because they can, because they’re
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