Empathy Case Study: Colette Koszarek

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For nearly 10 years, I have worked with students with behavioral needs in several different schools. In addition to working with students, I have also supported teachers and other school staff members in their efforts to stabilize each child’s behavior. This past school year I had the pleasure to work with Colette Koszarek. She is hardworking, dependable, and has an amazing sense of humor. She truly is a valuable asset to the Ridley School District team.

Colette always displays her love of teaching during class. She is patient when helping her students, especially when they are struggling with a difficult task. She can always be seen working with students who need additional support, whether it be with their academics or their organizational skills before and after school. She goes above and beyond of what is expected until her students are able to understand and apply concepts that they are learning. …show more content…

I have seen Colette practice empathy on numerous when interacting with both students and her colleagues. When a student was having a rough day, Colette not only was able to help them use relaxation techniques, but she was also able to make them feel better about themselves. Colette would also empower her students by giving them a voice and allowing them to express

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