Empathy Discussion Questions

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Discussion Questions – DUE MONDAY 1/25/16
Answer each question according to the information in the text. Find the evidence that answers each question. DO NOT just copy the information from the text, but re-word it in your OWN words. You also need to provide an interpretation, which includes your personal thoughts and/or ideas, at least one example, and at least one real-life application for each of the questions (concepts) listed below:

1. What are the 2 qualities men should look for in a mate? Be sure to define each one.
The two qualities that men should look for in a mate are cognitive empathy and affective empathy because with both of these you can create an angel as a human. Cognitive is the ability to know what the other person
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He combines both EQ and SQ also known as empathy quotient and systemizing quotient.
3. What is the potential problem with the “Empathy Quotient”?
The problem with empathy quotient is that your basically judging your own self with your own opinion asking if your empathetic.
4. What did Eisenber & Lennon find in a review of gender differences in affective empathy?
Eisenber and Lennon are pyschlogist that found that enables had an empathetic advantage becomes smaller as it becomes less and less obvious when it has to do something with empathy that is being assessed.

5. Discuss the problems of self-estimates in empathy.

6. Explain why we see women over-estimate empathy and men over-estimate systematizing. One behaves according to who and what group they are in because if I 'm in a group that have love for soccer then more than likely I will pretend that soccer is fun and I would agree and start talking about it just because that what everyone in the group
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Women scored higher than men.
8. Describe Ickes & colleagues empathetic accuracy test study. Why do you think there were no gender differences in the first 7 studies? (Give your opinion)

9. Explain why gender differences were seen in the next 3 studies. Be sure to explain the 3 studies, and Ickes interpretation, as well as the difference between empathetic ability and empathetic motivation.

10. Discuss the Klien and Hodges study.In the Klein and hodges study it 's mentioned that they give an accuracy test on empathy, which the partipcants watched a video about a women talking about her failure to getting a high enough score to get into graduate school she wanted to go to.
11. How can you improve men’s performance on empathy? Be sure to discuss the research by Cardiff University. The way to improve men 's performance on empathy is to involve money and also by inviting the male to see a greater social value in empathizing ability.

12. Describe the studies that show that social expectation are also responsible for the ability gap.

13. What is the take-home message of empathy and ability
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