Empathy In Ayn Rand's Trigon

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Twisting and turning, she finds herself unable to fall asleep for more than one minute. A common occurrence that she has gotten used to by this point. Being the daughter of a demonic presence that is constantly attempting to overcome and posses her is stressful, combined with its downright annoyance. Lack of sleep has latched onto her like a parasite, sucking the already drained energy that she has left over.

Sometimes, she wonders what the point of fighting is. One day, she will lose the last sap of courage within herself and then Trigon will rise from the depths of the darkness. Until that point, she needs to try and have a relatively normal life. As normal as someone with her heritage can in a world where being different is both a blessing
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Empathy is a cruel ability because she tends to allow the emotions of other to overpower her and seep into her like venom. Whether she wants to or not, the anxiety and nervousness of others carry over to her.

Over time, she has improved upon this and so only feels the emotions of others when they are extremely powerful and when she lets her guard down, with the side effect that she comes off to others as... strange, compared to the normal expectation of a teenager. Of that, they have only scratched the surface of how different she is.

Apart from that, her telekinetic powers are growing with every training session with Nathaniel Adam's, known to the rest of the world as Captain Atom. He has began his training and more than once he stated that at some point in the future, astral projection and other powers will emerge. How he knows such facts and with such utter certainty, she has no clue.

Since he took her in, Nathaniel has been very secretive about telling her things and a few times, she had felt his caution. That added another person that's didn't trust her to the list; Batman being at the top, as he was the person to place her in the care of Nathaniel in the first
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