Empathy In He Never Expected Much By Thomas Hardy

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Human beings are kind and caring in nature. They exude a sense of compassion towards each other. This is called empathy. Humans care for one another and are mostly understanding of each other. However, this not always the case. Sometimes due to adolescence or pure cynicism. This lack of empathy can cause challenges in social relations, rendering empathy of utmost importance. Hence, the characterization of empathy is prevalent in multiple works, including text 3 and 4. Text 3, a comic panel, exhibits the lack of empathy in a simpler manner. It shows the lack of empathy through a paranoid cynic, a boy afraid of swimming who distrusts his lifeguard. It is later revealed that the lifeguard is also a cynic, complaining about how she’s doing the job just to pay for university. Therefore, this text shows the audience how the lack of empathy from both ends yielded a lack of understanding. On the other hand, text 4 (a poem), He Never Expected Much by Thomas hardy, displays the significance of empathy in a different and more complex fashion. It reveals how empathy can make one accepting of life, challenges, unaccepting people, etc. Both texts examine the concept of empathy, that is the ability to understand and share the feelings of others. They showcase its vitality. If human beings made the effort to understand each other, empathize with each other, humans would be able to trust each other and to create strong bonds with each other, thus making peace a realistic option and a

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