Empathy In The Outsiders

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The world needs more empathy. Empathy is not really shown around us. What the word “empathy” means is the ability to understand and share the feelings of another. S.E. Hinton created empathy by showing two sides of the story in The Outsiders, and Eugenia W. Collier created empathy throughout life events in ‘’Marigolds.’’ The Outsiders is surprisingly full of empathy. Ponyboy going to see Johnny in the hospital all burnt up and hurt. There was a time where Johnny said he wanted to kill himself, although when he was in the hospital he sort of regretted saying that he wanted to die. Take each day like if it was your last and live it to the fullest.Live life to the fullest don’t take like granted. “Things are rough all over,” because it explains how it’s not only rough being a Greaser but also a Soc.” (Hinton, pg 43). Everything that you see,hear is not always…show more content…
Lizabeth is sad, confused, and angry on what is going on with her father’s unemployment. Lizabeth took all her anger out on Miss Lottie’s marigolds. Miss Lottie sees her flowers destroyed and looks at Lizabeth with sadness in her face.“‘M-miss Lottie!’ I scrambled to my feet and just stood there and stared at her, and that was the moment when childhood faded and womanhood began. That violent, crazy act was the last act of childhood” (Collier, Pg.4). Most of the time there is a moment in life where one realizes they have lost all innocence and gained some compassion. “Marigolds” shows how one young girl transferred from a child to young adult through her life experiences. Introduce quote (give background information). "She never left her yard and nobody ever visited her. We never knew how she depended on the necessities which depend on human interaction" (Collier 144). Explain the quote, please. Life experiences can make someone more mature. The theme is a that once a person matures and gains the ability to empathize they will lose their
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