Empathy In Warren St. John's Outcasts United

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Many different people come from many different backgrounds and they might not be accustomed to other countries traditions, but anybody, no matter where you are from or what you do can do amazing things, an example from this book being Americans need to welcome refugees into our country with open arms and help them get settled in and accustomed to our traditions. Warren St. John develops the theme of empathy in the book Outcasts United by using an Aha Moment, Symbolism, and Dialogue.
The first way Warren St. John develops the theme of empathy through symbolism is when Jeremiah, a player on Luma’s soccer team tells her that it 's “That time of the month where we can 't eat because our food stamps ran out” (St. John 48) and the coach Luma drives to the store and buys his family an entire bag of groceries to get them through a tough time. Luma is so devoted to the soccer team and even though she is having many problems of her own she still takes time and money out to help someone out. This symbolizes that Luma has a lot of empathy for the players on her team and will assess their problems before her own because when she first came to the Unites States she was poor and she knows and understands what his family is going through.
Another way the theme of empathy or lack of empathy in this situation is developed is through
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The author of the book Outcasts United develops the theme of empathy by using 3 different signposts, an Aha Moment that sets up the theme and Luma’s motivation for the whole book, a symbolism that symbolizes how devoted Luma is to her soccer organization and their families, and a dialogue that shows that people aren 't always used to a new country 's way of life. The message the author is trying to show is that we should care for people no matter the color of their skin, race, or religion and treat them all equally. Also we should help those less fortunate than us. The best feeling in the world is doing something for somebody who can 't do the
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