Emperor Qin Hero Essay

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The movie hero is based on the idea of an assassin the wants to kill Emperor Qin. He believes his decision to kill Qin is a just and noble cause. Then soon realizes that Qin is only trying to unify the country, even though it was a little controversial idea at the time. Now the story does show some real ideas for Qin but the story in its self isn’t true, just great TV. But we will cover some of the great thing Emperor Qin accomplished. We will talk about some of the weapons they used. Along with his ability to unify the country (language, money, army). Along with the history of his accomplishments to this day. The most important achievement under Qin Shihuang is the unification of China. After Qin conquered all the other territories of china,…show more content…
He made it where everyone was speaking a common language, a common currency, weights, measurments were all standerized. But with that he was crazy. He was finding ways to live forever and with herbel or other substances. Now this is what eventually killed him. He was poisoning himself without knowing. But one of the biggest mysteries to this day, is of course his tomb. To this day we have not been able to open his tomb. From what we know from the scrolls given to the government by the local monks, he has placed several counter-measures to keep enemies (past and present) and raiders out of his tomb. We know theres a large pool of mercury inside to simulate a lake. He wanted the inside of his tomb to replicate the outside world. He buried books and valualbles with him and even some of his subjects. The Terra cotta worriers where placed to defend him in the after life against all that he hurt. Its believed when you die we transform into another world so he wanted to take his army with him. I have always wondered what it would be like to meet Emperor Qin in person or witness the building of his burial site. Its by far the most impressive leader and yet he wanted to be vanished from time. Thankfully some brave monks decited to hind information for 2000 years and we can give credit to the man who saved
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