Compare And Contrast Qin And Mao Zedong

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There are mainly two people who had a critical role in changing China and making China. They are called Emperor Qin who made China, and Mao Zedong made modern China. Who is Emperor Qin? Do you know anything about him? He was born in B.C. 259. He became an emperor at the age of 13. He is the emperor who united China after 500 years of war. Everything was controlled by him afterward. So, was he a strong and effective leader?

Emperor Qin was a strong leader. Because he showed some many different ways to prove that he was strong. The first way that he showed his strength was by punishing people in a cruel way. In Qin's time, he didn't allow people to disagree with his opinions. If you do, you would send to a prison or death. Once, he burnt all the books because he didn't want people to get inspired by the books. Because he wanted people to think as same as what he thinks. And he knew that books can change people's thought and encourage their freedom. Some scholars and professors showed some resistance. So for the punishment, Qin buried 460 of scholars and professors alive, or they were put to make the Great Wall of China. Also, for some other punishments for different
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But actually, he changed citizen's life more effectively. First, he standardized money, weights, scholarships, laws, government, cultures, bureaucracies, and measures for better and convenient life for citizens. The government was well developed and very strong. Second, He also widened the roads for trading items, army and for people to visit. Which means if the trade rate increased, the economy increased too. This can lead to a better job that can make people more comfortable. Third, Qin's army was well-trained, and people there had general skills. This means there was an education system in the Qin dynasty. He offered rewards to generals who fought well. To analyze, Qin standardized many things for citizens, widen the roads and had an education
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