Emperor's New Groove: Character Analysis

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Emperor Kuzco, the main character of Emperor's New Groove, is a very spoiled and selfish person who only thinks about himself. When the movie's antagonist, Yzma, gets fired by Kuzco, she seeks revenge on him and turns him into a llama. In order to get back to his thrown and his old life, he has to follow Pacha, a llama herder. Pacha was told that his village would be destroyed by Emperor Kuzco because he wants to build his pool there. I, too, was a selfish and spoiled person until an eye opening experience happened to me. It was the Wednesday during spring break, and school was out. My family and I decided to take a trip to Lafayette to visit my cousin and the new apartment she was renting. It was the perfect day for all of us. My aunt who has MS got to see her daughter which does…show more content…
It was a long day, and the drive back was even longer. I was exhausted from being in the car so long, and I just could not wait to go home. My mom and I had to bring my grandmother and aunt home since neither of them drove. I was already becoming agitated, and my aunt asked for a snowball. I snapped and complained about how tired I was and asked if she could do without one today. I told her I would bring her get one the next day. As usual, she did not argue and simply said yes, but my mom made me go get her one. She asked for such a simple thing, and I was too selfish to worry about her. I always took her for granted and also said I would do things the next day because I just did not want to worry about it that day. I took advantage of that the next day was always going to happen. That Wednesday was the last day I ever took for granted that the next day is given, and it was the day I learned I needed to grow up. I never knew what was truly important until then. The hospital was cold and dull on the very early Thursday morning during spring break. Doctors were working hastily around my family and I to stop my aunt's seizure before it did anymore damage to her brain.
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