Emphysema Research Paper

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In the respiratory system, it contain numerous of organs that help transport blood with oxygen and eliminate the collected carbon dioxide from the blood. The lungs play an important role in the immune system as it helps defend toxic substances and avoid diseases such as:
Asthma is a chronic lung condition in which the airways become narrow and easier for irritation to be exposed, triggers can include: pollen, exercise, mold, weather conditions, and stress. It is a most common disease as it affects approximately 26 million people worldwide. In the picture shown, it shows the pathology of Asthma. The first picture shown is a normal airway. Symptoms can include breathing easy, no cough or wheeze, being able to do usual activities without restriction,
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Symptoms for Emphysema can happen within years, but no physical symptoms are noticeable. The key symptoms of Emphysema are shortness of breath and this happens gradually. More serious symptoms are if your lips and fingernails turn blue or gray leading to a lack of oxygen. The main causes of Emphysema are irritation to exposed chemical to the lungs, such as smoking and air pollution. Test and diagnostics can be used to determine if an individual has Emphysema. Imagining tests can help evaluate findings in the chest, a Lab test can be as simple as taking blood and determining the work of your oxygen in your blood, and Spiratory can be used to measure your lung capacity. Self-treatments can help reduce Emphysema by using a Bronchodilators, which helps relieve coughing and breathing, Inhaled steroids, and Antibiotics. To prevent Emphysema from worsening, stop or do not smoke or secondhand and wear a mask to avoid chemical pollution. Respiratory therapist plays a major role in lung diseases. They help contribute to analyzing breath, tissue, and blood specimens to determine levels of oxygen and…show more content…
They also provide respiratory therapy to patients. Pneumonia is a lung condition in which the lungs are inflamed and it is caused by bacterial or viral infections. In the Figure, it is shown that the air sacs are filled with mucus and they eventually become solid. An individual that undergoes Pneumonia has symptoms that are quite serious and life-threatening. Coughing can be serious as it produces mucus also called sputum from the lungs, shallow breathing can occur, rapid chest pain, and potentially nausea and vomiting. Many treatments can be provided to help with Pneumonia patients. Antibiotics can simply treat bacterial/virus infections such as Pneumonia and helps decrease any upcoming symptoms and previous symptoms with 2-3 days. To avoid Pneumonia, smoking can become an extreme change as it relieves the tension in your lungs, covering your coughing and sneezes can help your surroundings as they could catch Pneumonia although
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