Empire Island-Personal Narrative

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“The planes going down!” said Mrs.Weinreich. I didn’t know what to do, so I ducked under my seat. Everybody else did the same except Mrs. Weinreich. She stayed in the front of the plane. She tried messing with the buttons and pulling the throttle up. Nothing happened. Then she tried pulling the parachute that launches the seat up and out of the plan, but that even didn’t work. As I saw the plan about to hit the ground, I saw my life flash before me. The the plan hit the ground. After that All I could see was black. My eyes slowly started to weep open. I then saw a man staring over me. He had long hair and was dressed like a pirate. As I opened my eyes wider I then started to see who he was. Wow, I was staring at jack sparrow. I thought that…show more content…
I brought it back with everyone else 's items. What we got was a knife, first aid kit, a compass, and flares. Once we were done with all of that we went back to his camp. He had a big tent set up and all the things you need to live. We were all super thirsty so we went to go grab some coconuts and we cracked it open. Once we were done with that we set out to go find some help. It was really hard to find any help because we were on an island so we thought we might wait a bit. We were all also starting to get hungry, so we went to go hunt for food. We were looking around and we couldn 't find anything. Then we heard a scream. Someone got bit by a snake on his arm. He sucked the venom out and started looking for the snake. We all thought he was crazy for a little bit. We didn’t know if he was hunting for the snake for revenge or if he was hunting the snake for food. As he was looking around, I thought I might join him. If we could find this snake we could make him into food. Then I found him. I pick him up and cut his head off. We brought him back to jack and he cooked it for us. We all thought that it would taste disgusting, but it actually tasted pretty good. After that jack grabbed the flare gun and the compass, and he started walking
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