Dogmatic And Empirical Medicine Essay

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What is the difference between Dogmatic and Empirical medicine? Dogmatic medicine, following the teachings of Hippocrates, consisted of hands-on study of the human body and the belief that there were hidden causes for illnesses. Dogmatists would speculate about the nature of diseases and their causes. It was a more philosophical form of medicine. On the other hand, Empirical medicine, based on the study of Herophilus, held that the only way to advance medical knowledge was to observe and experiment. Doctors under the following of Empirical medicine believed the search for hidden causes was useless and a waste of time.

2. What does “hellenization” refer to? The term Hellenization refers to the spread of Greek ideas and traditions across
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Epicurus was influenced by a theory developed by the Pre-Socratic philosopher Democritus. They believed that the world was made up of small pieces of matter that would move around in space and determine the events of the world. It was believed that the gods had no effect on human life. Under Epicurus’s philosophy, greatest good was achieved by seeking only modest pleasures in order to attain a state of tranquility, freedom from fear and absence from bodily pain. It was taught that pleasure and pain are the measure of what is good and evil and you can obtain peace and serenity by ignoring the outside world while looking in towards your personal feelings and reactions. The doctrine of pleasure are the collection of 40 sayings, attributed to the Greek philosopher Epicurus, that preserve the core ethical beliefs of the school of Epicureanism.

7. What was significant about the pre-Socratics? (Think really significant.) The most noteworthy aspect of pre-Socratics was their idea that nature was predictable. They sought rational rather than supernatural reasoning for phenomena. It was this idea and basis that started an intellectual revolution and created what we now call philosophy and science.

8. What was the connection between geography and mountains in the Hellenic
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