Employability Skills: A Case Study

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Introduction As we are living in the competitive world in which everyone is trying hard to reach above than others in the organization, every big and reputed business organization is looking for skillful persons who are willing to learn or who are willing to give their best efforts or who are very good at employability skills. Employability Skills refer to the skills needed by an individual employee to make them employable. In other words employability skills are the skills which employers want. The following assignment contains the definition and evaluation of employability skills and how to improve it. Reflection of own current skills and competencies against professional standards and organizational objectives I am an IT Manager in MIT…show more content…
We make personnel decisions such as promotion, demotion, transfer or dismissal to an employee according to their performance. We identify the weaknesses of an employee and determine training needs to the employee such as who has which weaknesses and which type of training does he need. And vice versa, staffs provide performance appraisal to us, Managers. Their performance appraisal to us includes how the manager is contributing to the team or department and which skill or area the manager needs to improve. Such Performance Appraisals Activities help to develop own needs of every employees to meet with the needs of our…show more content…
Sharing the same goal, in fact, creates the dynamics or bonds between team members because they are dependent on each other for the success or failure. For example, if our IT Department fails to accomplish our department goals, all of us will be suffered from the consequence results. If we achieve success, all of us will be shared the success as a whole. So, Team Dynamics can be defined as the relationships between team members which are related with connected tasks. On my first day at MIT Company, the Managing Director showed me an organizational structure of our company (as in below figure) and told that we all are going to work together to accomplish our company’s aims and goals. At first I did not realize what he meant, but later, I realized that he meant about Team Dynamics. Our company has goals. Each department has its respective goals. Accomplishing these goals together, we can accomplish our company’s goals. The functions and objectives of the departments are different. But all these functions and objectives are bonded or connected between departments in the way to accomplish our company’s goals. If a department is failed to carry out its mission, all the team members of that department will be suffered from the failure. Each and every one of team members are also bonded in that way. Therefore,
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