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American families today seem to be assaulted from all sides. The changing climate in the work role of women has cause much concern about the fundamental survival of the family. Divorce rates are sky rocketing; marriage is being postponed or better yet rejected; fertility rates are plummeting and wives and mothers are rushing out of the home into the work force. The migration of women to the work force has displaced the institution of family. In her their book, The Employed Mother in America, Nye and Hoffman illuminate this major phenomenon of American life. The book reveals the importance of a mother’s impact on child development, social problems, and family relationships and how the movement of mother’s into the workforce has shaped the family. Catholic Social Teaching holds that family is the base unit for every society. A society is only as healthy, as stable or as imbedded with moral values as its families. Healthy marriages and good, stable family life must be a concern to all areas of civic societies. Nations are dependent upon their families and the life of the Church is as well. The Church and the State must link arms in an effort to promote healthy marriages and food family life. The oldest vocation for women in society had always been the family; that is in motherhood and child rearing and today that is still biologically tuned to most woman. Over the centuries this element has remained, however in recent decades this has declined and…show more content…
This has the hugest impact on the family. “Divorce damages society. It consumes social and human capital. It substantially increases cost to the taxpayer, while diminishing the taxpaying portion of society. It diminishes children’s future competence in all five of society’s major tasks or institutions: family, school, religion, marketplace and government.” A two parent household is crucial for the development of

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