Employee Attitude Analysis

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A study on Employee Attitude.
Mridula Murthy, student, Jain University, Bangalore.
This study was conducted on the employees of the company Galaxy Intelligentia, Bangalore (N=25). The employee attitude was measured by using a semi-structured questionnaire and a semi-structured checklist which were both, divided into five dimensions of employee attitude, namely-job satisfaction, job attitude, job involvement, organisational commitment and perceived organisational support. The percentage of positive, negative and neutral responses from the Questionnaire and the number of responses got in the checklist was seen, analysed and discussed in each of the areas. It was concluded that the overall job related attitude in the employees is positive
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In this research study, the researcher has made an attempt to identify the various styles followed by leaders due to different behavior among employees. The study mainly focus on the various attitudes of employee’s in different groups and its impact of the performance if individual, group or team & organization. Further, the study also focuses on finding out the significant relationship between the attitude of employees and its impact of completion of module, work, deadlines, and target. This study is limited to the managers working at Sify Software Limited & Everonn Education Limited. The Researcher has proposed to use descriptive type of research & Analytical type of result. The Researcher has proposed to use descriptive type research, in order to collect the real facts from the respondent’s regarding the attitude of the employees. The Researcher has also proposed to use Analytical type of result to analyze the behavior of employees and its impact of deadline & productivity. Once the data has been collected from the respondents (Managers), the Researcher has proposed to use various statistical tools like Percentage Analysis, Weighted Average Method, Chi-Square Method, One-Sample Run Test, etc., and in order to analysis the various types of behaviors, the researcher has…show more content…
And the 13th question, that is, (Are you comfortable with the location of your work? Do you have to travel a lot to get to work every day?), also has 50% of positive answers (60%).
The overall attitude towards Job Satisfaction in the company is positive.
2) In the area, Job Involvement, question 4, that is (In some places, people welcome differences in points of views, whereas in other places it is considered "bad manners" to express different opinions. How do the superiors officers in your organisations react to different opinions? Are your points of views being listened to?) has more than 50% of positive answers (88%). Question 6, that is, (When decisions are being made about certain work that you are to do; are you asked for your ideas as well?) has more than 50% of positive answers (80%). Question 8, that is, (How much do you think your work is important in this organisation?) also has more than more than 50% of positive answers (80%). Question 10, that is, (How often do you think conscientious attempts made to consider everyone's views before a decision is made? Are everyone given an equal chance to express?), also has more than 50% of positive answers (92%). Question 12, that is, (Do you think you have a degree of independence associated with your work roles? How...?), also has more than 50% of the positive
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