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Healthy work environment has always been an implicit and basic requirement for every employee. Work related attitude plays a significant role in understanding the holistic impact of this work environment on the employees. Whimsical and mercurial employee attitudes have always been a characteristic of modern generation. In the past decades, organizations are facing poor level of attitudes from the employees. A majority of these include inadequate liaison among the team mates, casual and frivolous handling of tools and machinery, nonchalant attitude of staff in performing their tasks and duties, indifferent behavior of employees in carrying out certain specific duties have left researchers a few important things to ponder.
There are many causes
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Meanwhile work culture is also playing a vital role in making people lead new ways of life that is less sophisticated and more meaningful. This change has flagged a palpable hint on employee motivation and employee management which would assist them in making critical decision of whether to stay in the organization. Such affective attitudes along with affective commitment towards the organization may open potential employment opportunities in the future. Study also revealed incentives in the form of appreciation mails, prizes, promotion, and visa initiation improved employees’ attitude towards work. Other organizational dependent elements such as policies, opportunities, work allocation and leadership were equally instrumental in guiding and promoting good employee attitude which in turn lead to job satisfaction. It was also found out that team leads and managers should encourage employees to undergo training for improving communication skills, on stress management and familiarizing them with technical and technological concepts. A subsequent analysis showed a consistent employee job satisfaction and a correlated high productivity of the organization which was a direct result of the implementation of few worker motivation benefits and…show more content…
The next apparent open secret was employee layoffs. Downsizing was done to minimize labor costs and thereby increase the net income and hence prolong the life of the organization. Further the notion of job insecurity and trepidation interpreted a change in perception and attitude of the workers. Likewise an open disclosure of employee layoff led to resentment in terms of job security and further augmented job dissatisfaction in the minds of people. The causes for poor attitude and job dissatisfaction was also attributed to exponential technological advancements, globalization and usage of modern planning and strategies to extract more outcomes from lesser

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