Employee Behavior Management Case Study: Beau Street Runners, Inc.

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Beau Street Runners, Inc. Beau Street Runners, Inc. is a company where the importance of knowledge and customer service play an important part in the success of the company. First impression determines whether another call will be put in for their service. Unfortunately, they have a whole lot of muscle and not enough intellect to support the business. Some of the cognitive issues that this company is the initial presentation and complexity (Clark, 2008) in the type of work that their employees are performing. Although they have the more experience employees for their high-profile services, they are not ensuring that the bulk of their employees are also well trained and presentable. The other issues are the compensation factor that could be the driving force for why the carriers of the smaller jobs have very little patience and customer service conscious when delivering the packages. The employees lack commitment and accountability because it is either a new learning experience and there isn’t any prior knowledge that has…show more content…
This could be accomplished from incorporating a stimulus exercise that provides scenarios of interactions the carriers may encounter on their route. Next the company may want to re-evaluate their compensation program if they want to entice the employees who are on pay per run. This could help to improve the unaccountability for time consciousness and respect for courteous behavior. Behavior management for certain professions must be also included in training because of the expectations that the company’s mission entails (Martin & Zollig, 2009). Behaviors are learned just like skills are a part of training. Unless the company trains the employees for their expectations, some whose background or culture defers from the expected outcome, may never understand or know that these behaviors are a requirement and not a
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