Summary: Competitive Challenges Of Human Resource Specialists

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Competitive challenges
Globalization: Human resource Management has to prepare their employees by training them to get the professional competitiveness in the global society. Also, they need to employ professionals from diverse cultures, languages and backgrounds and equip their organization towards global business environment.
Use of Technology: With advancing technology, the HRM has to ensure training for the employees since some may be anxious or resistant to adapt to changes. The advancement in organizational technology too will advance privacy and security concerns, whereby the HRM should provide technical training to secure data and information.
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What Do Human Resource Specialists Do?
A human resources specialist is an individual who grows expertise and concentrates on a specific area of Human Resource discipline.
It has been argued (Villanova University 2016) that an HR specialist focusses on a particular HR area, thus they are very skillful in their field.
Human resource specialists do the following tasks:
• Recruitment of new Staff: HR specialist consults with the employers to identify employment needs and strategizes on how to meet them. By closely analyzing the company’s goals and plans he staffs new employees. He gives jobs descriptions, and conducts interviews on qualified applicants.
• As a compensation manager: He closely works on payroll and administers accordingly to all employees their paychecks and ensure they get benefits which include leave, sick-off, or personal days, health insurance and retirement
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The impact of competitors and other external forces needs to be understood because they form the source of the lengthier run scheme of the organization.

Why human resource professionals should educate other managers and employees in their organizations about HR functions
It helps managers to be better managers. One of the roles of HR in a company is to develop and coach managers to do their job the best way possible, because HR professionals have enormous experience working with employees in many situations.
It makes the managers and employees to believe that the future of the organization lies on their shoulders and so educating about HR functions encourage them to upgrade their existing knowledge through the trainings provided, to become essential resources for the organization.
Educating employees help them understand the workplace policies and the rights granted to treat each one equally without discrimination, due to workforce diversity.
HR also will advise and assist management on how to manage employees and deal with difficult situations and conflicts. If they are able to manage employees effectively, issues that arise will not prove to a point of no

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