Employee Development Reflection

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After researching and the difference between employee training and employee development I learned many new things. The difference involves timing. The three elements of workplace learning in assessment, planning, and implementation. The assessment says what do employees need to know and what do they already know. This phase is about what they know and what they need to learn. Once the employer sees that it is clear they know what they need to know now’s the time to start the planning phase. At my job we have a lot of training courses, we must take, and the planning is we set up online learning courses and get our employees to take them. According to an online article, “Training and development are included activities that help cultivate employees'…show more content…
As stated above the development phase focuses on the long term. After meeting with the HR department at my job I learned that employee development is a continuous process that involves trying to mold our professionals in their next position of responsibility. Furthermore, employee development is personalized towards each employee. The most important part of this aspect is developed yourself, your personality and attitude for facing challenges in the future. According to an online article, “demonstrating your investment in your employees will go a long way toward motivating and retaining them, regardless of their unique circumstances.” (Hosmer, 2015). In conclusion, I have been able to use what I have learned in the class to implement a Stanley Steemer training course to help my employees learn new skills and evaluate how well they have learned them. My favorite part of the training course is we include a competitive element by seeing if the new employees can get difficult spots out of furniture or carpet and see what tools they use to do so. The games have helped boost camaraderie, better cleanability, and better knowledge of our products and

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